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Course Selection: Offerings for Grade 7

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This course invites your son/daughter to enter into a committed relationship with Jesus Christ. The chapters explore the life of Jesus, look at Jesus as Messiah and Promised One, present the Paschal Mystery in Jesus’ death and resurrection, celebrate the continuing presence of Jesus in the Sacraments, look at titles and images of Jesus and encourages students to look at the future life with Jesus in the Kingdom of God.

271 / 272 LANGUAGE ARTS 7 (Academic & Advanced)

Language Arts 7 builds the students’ understanding of grammar, conventions (capitalization, punctuation, spelling) literature, reading comprehension and interpretation, vocabulary (use, spelling), and writing skills through 5 periods a week. The Vocabulary Power Plus Program is begun. Summer reading is required.

273 READING 7 

This course provides students with an opportunity to further their reading experience. Reading selections are both individualized and assigned.

371 / 372 PRE-ALGEBRA (Academic & Advanced)

Pre-Algebra serves as a basis for Algebra 1. Besides this course being a careful study of arithmetic with attention to basic skills and structure, it includes a sound development of the real number system and its properties, equations and introduction to geometry and statistics. A summer workbook is required.

471 / 472 SOCIAL STUDIES 7 (Academic & Advanced)

The year will begin with a study of geography concepts and a survey of world geography with an emphasis on North America. Students will then move on to the study of United States history, social, economic and political development beginning with the regional differences of the 13 original colonies. Students will investigate the impact of philosophy on the Declaration of Independence and other documents, complete a detailed study of the U. S. Constitution and examine the early developments of the nation through the Jeffersonian period.

571 / 572 LIFE SCIENCE (Academic & Advanced)

The course objective is to develop an awareness and appreciation for the life and environments that surround each student. Together we attempt to discover the importance of one’s relationship to all forms of life and the interdependence that exists among all organisms of all communities. From these objectives it is hoped that students will be equipped with sufficient knowledge to not only understand, but also safeguard all that surrounds them.


The junior high program is a combination of team and individual sports and activities. It is a progressive learning experience. Aerobics are introduced through some activities such as aerobic exercise or jogging and jump rope. Also introduced at this level is weight training. Writing assignments are given each quarter.



A nine-week course designed to introduce students to basic computer hardware, software, and to familiarize the students with the computer lab and internet capabilities of the school. Using Microsoft Word, students are introduced to the use of beginning word processing skills, editing skills, page formatting skills and other more advanced skills. Also using Microsoft Word students are taught to write a proper bibliography. Finally, time permitting students are introduced to Microsoft Excel learning spreadsheet basics, formatting skills, and the basics of inserting charts.

775 ART 7

In this course the student will learn to identify the elements of art used to produce visual art. Each element is taught and reinforced through hands-on production using a variety of mediums and techniques.

770 MUSIC 7 

This course is designed to provide students with general knowledge of the elements of music presented through the study, listening, and performance of songs and compositions from various eras and cultures. 


Junior high choir is offered to seventh and eighth grade students. Choir meets to prepare music for school liturgies. Students focus on proper singing techniques including proper warm-ups, posture, breathing, and tone production. Junior High Choir meets one day per cycle.


The purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with the SJNRA Library and to teach information-management skills. The program is designed to enable students to locate, evaluate and utilize data from a variety of print and non-print sources. Students will also be encouraged to develop their personal reading habits and their capacity to think and write through the completion of an author/book project. Objectives for the class are in compliance with the Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning developed by the American Association of School Librarians.


Students who currently play musical instruments are encouraged to participate in the Liturgical Ensemble. The ensemble will meet weekly to prepare instrumental selections, solos and accompaniment for liturgies.

Intro to French
This is the first of two introductory courses in French language, geography and culture. The four language proficiencies of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are emphasized however the bulk of the course work serves as an introduction to the sound system and pronunciation of the language with speaking and understanding spoken French as the main goal. Vocabulary to be introduced includes: numbers 0-1000, the alphabet, greetings and dates.  Students will participate in an online exploration of Parisian restaurants prepare an authentic café menu and create a group skit. Via the internet, students will explore Paris in depth, focusing on its monuments, geography, and daily life. In an attempt to introduce students to French cuisine, they will be served a traditional French breakfast.

Instrumental lessons will be offered to any interested student. Lessons will include any band instruments or piano. Students will be scheduled one period per week and when advanced enough, will join the ensemble in accompanying for school liturgies.




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